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Colors of a Band

Colors Of A Band  Peter Herbolzheimer

A vast variety of incredible songs and stunning arrangements can be heard on this album. Compositions by charismatic Wayne Shorter are pleasently mingeling with the fine elegance of Ray Noble or the genius of Herbie Hancock´s "Dolphin Dance". And last but not least the great Dianne Reeves delivers some great vocal performances. In the same year as "Colors Of A Band" was released (1987) the talented songstress Reeves was singned by Blue Note Records. 

Jazz Gala Concert Vol.3

Jazz Gala Concert Vol.3   Peter Herbolzheimer

The third and final part of the highly acclaimed trilogy. This time it´s heading a bit more into a delicate Latin and soft Blues flavour. Chick Corea´s composition "Spain" will guide you the way, while passing by classics like "Lester Left Town" or "Don´t Speak Low" and Dizzie Gillespie´s "Manteca" and "Sophisticated Lady". Just to name a few...

Jazz Gala Concert Vol.1

Jazz Gala Concert Vol.1  Peter Herbolzheimer

This is the very first album of the fine Gala Concert triolgy. And it is featuring the skillfully assambledAll Star Big Band from Peter Herbolzheimer. If you like the vivid and athmospheric concert feeling, this live recording sessions will take you apart. Musical milestones in Jazz history like "Giant Steps" and "Stormy Monday" can be heard, as well as some great Herbolzheimer compositions.

Quality In Sound

Quality In Sound Peter Herbolzheimer

Quality In Sound is the perfect title for this album. Pure quality songs you will find on here. Starting with the Lee Hazelwood cult-classic "These Boots Are Made For Walking" passing by "Scarborough Fair" and ending with legendary classic "Aquarius". Masterly arranged and skillfully selected by the man himself Peter Herbolzheimer.

Friends and Silhouettes

Friends and Silhouettes

The friends of Peter Herbolzheimer are countless. After longlasting four decades of playing music this is not an astonishing fact.

On this album Peter Herbolzheimer introduces two of his musical friends to a wider audience. These two gentlemen are Saxophone mastermind Charlie Mariano and David Anthony Friedman, the marimba and vibraphone wizzard.

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